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More Sage Thematic Tutorials

This is a repository of SageMath demonstrations, quick reference cards, primers, and thematic tutorials, grouped by theme, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

  • A demonstration is a short document giving a broad view of the available features on a given theme; it is typically presented during a talk, and lasts a couple minutes.
  • A quickref (or quick reference card) is a one page document with the essential examples, and pointers to the main entry points.
  • A primer is a document meant for a user to get started by himself on a theme in a matter of minutes.
  • A tutorial is more in-depth and could take as much as an hour or more to get through.

This repository is meant as a place to collectively share and evolve documents for SageMath with the aim to merge the mature ones into Sage’s official documentation, and in particular its official thematic tutorials. For the convenience of the reader, the index below also includes links to some of the latter.

Contributions, from typo fixes to full-fledged tutorials are more than welcome. See Contributing.


Most of the documents below have been recently resurrected from an old repository. They are of varying quality and may be outdated or require additional software. It is planned to add status information on each of them.

Documents for specific events

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